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A Brief Biography of Ronald Lee

Profile picture of Ronald LeeRonald Lee was born in Montreal, but spent his formative years from age 5 to 13 in the United Kingdom. After his return to Canada, he continued living in Montreal for most of his life, only moving to Ontario in 1994. He currently lives in Hamilton with his wife, Giannina Bottacinni.

During his lifetime, he has worked at many jobs and professions interspersed with periods of self-employment from teenage office-boy to coppersmith in rural Quebec with Kalderash-Roma, mechanic, folk musician, model-building engineer at the Montreal Military and Maritime Museum, and, finally, journalist and author.

In 1997 he moved to Toronto to become a founding member of the Roma Community and Advocacy Centre now renamed the Roma Community Centre (RCAC). During this period, he has managed various programs and served as executive director and chairman of the Board of Directors. Between 2003–2008, he has been teaching a spring seminar entitled The Romani Diaspora in Canada at New College, University of Toronto.

Mr. Lee is the Honorary Chairman of the Roma Community Centre of Toronto and runs the website “Romani Kopachi: Romani culture from a Romani viewpoint”.

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