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Magoria Books: A Publisher of Cariban and Romani Books

Rom like Thunder” by Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić

Title: Rom like Thunder
Author: Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić
Publisher: Magoria Books
ISBN: 098116269X
ISBN-13: 9780981162690
Format: paperback
Pages: 134
Size: 6" × 9"
Price: $14.95
Buy now: $14.95 USD · £9.95 GBP

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Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić, Bosnia-Herzegovina's first Romani journalism graduate and a former Radio-TV Sarajevo host and producer, writes with raw and sometimes shocking honesty about growing up Romani in pre-war Sarajevo. "Rom like Thunder" is a memoir of both father and daughter, of life's joys and sorrows, of poverty and daily struggle in a Sarajevan Romani mahala, and the very real story of a young Romani girl's determination and drive to rise beyond everyone else's foregone conclusions about her destiny.