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Magoria Books: A Publisher of Cariban and Romani Books

Excerpts from Our Books

Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English
Read Ian Hancock's introduction, Ronald Lee's opening remarks on the dictionary and the Kalderash language, including directions on pronounciation, and all of the dictionaries entries whose headwords start with the letter “A”.

The Living Fire (E Zhivindi Yag) The Living Fire (E Zhivindi Yag)
Read the first three chapters, and browse the glossary of Ronald Lee's autobiographical novel, wherein Yanko—a Canadian Rom who 'took the non-Romani way but didn't go far'—seeks his fortunes both among and apart from the Roma, never quite finding his place.

How God made the Roma (A Romani Folktale) How God made the Roma (A Romani Folktale)
Read the story of how God made the Roma and the other peoples in several languages, and download wallpapers, and play puzzle games made from the illustrations of this and other stories.

A Carib grammar and dictionary A Carib grammar and dictionary
Read the introductory first chapter, "The Carib language", and discover the companion Carib – English online dictionary of the book.

Dukh - Pain Dukh - Pain
Read poems from this book by Hedina Sijerčić in English and Romani. In addition translations of these poems are offered into languages that do not appear in the book, including Bosanski, Română, and रोमानी.